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January 5, 2010

Item of the week: Cupcake toppers!

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This post is specially dedicated to my soon to be sister-in-law Anne ūüôā ¬†So many brides are throwing out the traditional cake idea and replacing it with a more personalized (and often less expensive) dessert option. ¬†One of the most popular alternatives to the traditional cake is the cupcake and what better way to personalize your beautiful arrangement of miniature cakes then with a super fun cupcake topper or an elegant and chic cup cake wrapper! ¬†Here are just a few ideas to get you started…and make your mouth water at the same time!

These adorable floral toppers are hand made with customizable colors from Millalove on Etsy!

Cupcake wrappers are a super customizable and inexpensive way to dress up your cupcakes! Check out these and other custom wrappers by Sugar Cat Studio !

And if you still arent inspired…or at least hungry…check out these gorgeous little creations from Bev Perry, a cake designer from Australia! ¬†Her cupcakes are so intricately detailed and are almost too beautiful to eat! ¬†You can see more of her work on her blog. ¬†Image composites are from the always fabulous Green Wedding Shoes blog (also highly recommended for chic and sophisticated wedding ides!)


December 31, 2009

Just another mushy New Year’s blog post…

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It’s that time of year isn’t it? ¬†Those of us with blogs feel the pressure to wrap up the year by imparting to the world some profound life lessons learned and inspirational resolutions to top all resolutions…hmm…or maybe it is just me. Maybe this make me nervous because I am just terrible at sharing myself on my blog and maybe it is because I honestly know that I am just not witty or wise enough to leave you with something worth reading. And then there is the whole professionalism bit and not sharing too much of your beliefs that you may step on someone’s toes and offend clients…well despite all that, here goes…

This past year has been um…busy. ¬†We had our first child, moved away from all of our family and most of our friends to a new state, bought our first home, are helping to start a new church and college ministry at USF, have gotten new jobs and lost jobs, are starting two businesses from scratch, celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary and are currently watching and waiting each month as God provides for our bills to be paid. ¬†We are learning how to be parents, we are learning how to be husband and wife (still..and always), we are learning how to be church planters, we are learning how to be business owners and develop our “crafts”, we are learning that we are in control of little to nothing and learning that we would be lost…literally in the miserable dark without God’s grace and promises.

Our hope for next year is for things to settle down (haha – not likely, I know) ¬†But this past year has forced so much transition that we are hoping for some time to process…and grow…and be mentally in one place. ¬†We shall see.

My biggest resolution can be summed up in the lyrics to the Phil Wickham song Mystery:

Here in the quiet speak to me now
My ears are open to
Your gentle sweet whispering
Break down the door, come inside
Shine down Your bright light
I need a lamp for my feet, I need a lamp for my feet

I want to hear the thunder of who You are
To be captured inside the wonder of who You are
I want to live I want to breathe
To search out Your heart and all of Your mysteries

You were the first and You’ll be the end
Time cannot hold You down
Why save a wretch like me?
No eye has seen, no ear has heard
No heart could fully know
All of Your mystery

Your glory burns in the stars
Shine down your light let it burn in my heart
Bring me to glory, bring me to you
Lord it’s your heart that I will hold onto

Your glory burns in the stars
Shine down Your light let me know who You are
Jesus, Your glory burns in the stars
Shine down Your light, let me see You

For some reason, the close of this year has brought with it a painful and wonderful reminder that I really cannot do anything effective, anything valuable, anything that will last and effect change if I am not directly in tune with and connected to God’s heart as it is revealed in the Bible. ¬†If you are not a Christian reading this then I understand that this makes almost no sense…but to put it another way (at the risk of being even more convoluted), not only does God have the perfect answer for how to have a great marriage that will last, to be a good parent, to be a better spouse, a better friend…but if you are connected to God then you can learn about His heart and what is of importance to Him and if you can learn to keep your eyes on THAT and through prayer ask Him to make the passions of His heart the passions of your heart as well, those things become aligned and then and only then do you see lasting change and beautiful growth in those important areas and only then are you able to keep accurate perspective on the things in your life that seem to come in and take over and leave you ragged and overwhelmed. ¬†At the end of the day I just want to have a heart like God’s that shares the same cares and concerns that He has and less of the often futile and selfish pettiness of what seems to consume my heart and mind from day to day. ¬†If I can do that then perhaps all of those other ambitious New Year’s resolutions will follow…

“He must increase, but I must decrease” – John 3:30

More of Him, less of me.

Happy New year friends.



November 21, 2009

And the winner is…

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Sara-Beth Noll!!!!  The random number generated ( was 34 and counting from the top of all names tagged that made Mrs. Sara-Beth our winner!! (Pictured here with 2 of her 3 sweet little ones!)  Sara-Beth will get a completely FREE two hour shoot and will receive all of the digital negatives from her session!  Thanks to everyone who entered.  I will be sure to do this giveaway again soon!

November 16, 2009

November Giveaway!

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This one is super fun and easy to win! ¬†Just go to my Facebook Fan Page and look for the image below on the wall or in the “Promotions” album. ¬†Then tag yourself anywhere in the image and you will be entered to win a FREE portrait session! ¬†You can tag your friends as well!! ¬†Enter (tag) as many friends as you want! ¬†The winner will be chosen at random this Friday November 20th!!

**Contest is open to Florida residents only .

November 13, 2009

Christmas is coming??

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Considering the fact that it is still 80 degrees here in Tampa, FL I am in serious denial that Christmas is actually on its way.¬† It still feels like summer!!¬† I keep wondering why there are school buses on the road.¬† I guess I will get use to this eventually but for now, I am still dreaming of a white Christmas…(but lets be honest…snow is better when you are watching it from inside).¬† Anyway – the other day I photographed some of the fabulous Christmas card designs of Ashlee Proffitt (graphic designer extraordinaire) of Serendipity Designs and I wanted to share a few of her designs with you to get you in the holiday spirit:)¬† She has also started a fabulous Etsy shop as well!¬† Ashlee, you are fabulous and I love you!





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